Monday, July 18, 2016

[Korean Lyrics] I See You - Kang Min Hyuk (CNBLUE) [Hangeul+Rom+Eng+Malay] ~ OST Korean Drama: Tantara @ Entertainer (OST Part 4)

7/18/2016 06:14:00 PM 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum n hai~ Annyeong  ! 

Yeepp yeeppp! hahaha, sorry for my high adrenaline effects here~^^ (ooohhh, the excuse :p)

Okay, I think it's been a while I haven't update any entry on this blog.  Mianhaeyo! hahaha, what's wrong with me keep writing in English in this entry? Well, the main reason is I want to improve my English writing skills. erk! 

Alright, I guess you guys already seen this post title plus... the picture of quartet handsome flower boys up there. So.... any K-drama lover or BOICE here?